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About Community Income Tax

Community Income Tax (CIT) is the industry’s only all-inclusive provider of professional tax services, bringing together professional tax software, bank products and year-round support for one low cost.

CIT delivers a simpler way to buy tax products. We eliminate the high upfront software fees, transactional bank product fees and common junk fees to help you grow your business. With pricing power back in your hands, you regain control over how much your customers pay and how much money you make on each return.

All-Inclusive Tax Products, Endless Opportunity

Finally, there's a better way to buy tax products - especially if you offer bank products. Community Income Tax (CIT) brings together bank products, tax software, and year-round support for one low cost in the industry's only all-inclusive program.

With CIT, you control what your customers pay and how much you make on each return. By partnering with industry leaders, we eliminate junk fees and high upfront costs to put pricing power back in your hands. The opportunity to grow your business with CIT is endless - will you take it?

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Pro Tax Software

Professional tax software for individual and business returns with no upfront cost.

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Free Bank Products

If you offer bank products, you can’t afford any other partner but CIT. Stop giving away fees and increase your profit on every transaction.

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Real Opportunity

No hidden or junk fees. Just one low, all-inclusive price. See what CIT can do for you.

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My growth and position in the market place has been due in large part from the support I received from CIT.

-Ron Webber
50 year veteran Tax Professional

CIT has the lowest prices, the best year round support plus the vision and the drive that it takes to help any independent tax preparer grow.

-Cameron Asbell
Cameron Asbell Insurance Agency

Do you have access to a knowledgeable, friendly staff always ready to help when you need it most? I do with CIT!

-Beth Stoner
EZ Tax Solutions Inc.

A Letter From The President

As founder of Community Income Tax (CIT), I’d like to share a little about our vision. With more than 20 years in the tax industry, I’ve done it all - as an independent tax preparer, a service bureau originating thousands of annual returns, and a franchisor supporting 300+ locations nationwide. Over the years I’ve watched the industry change. Taxpayers are demanding more transparency and affordability from their tax preparers but few providers help preparers address those needs. In fact, many providers make it more difficult due to extra fees that eat into the money that preparers or taxpayers should be keeping.

It’s time for a change - and CIT is the first in the tax industry to drive this change. Through our relationships with industry-leading companies, CIT brings together the products you need under one roof for a single low price, including the ability to offer a free bank product with every return.

We've eliminated the empty fees that many organizations charge, which means you don't have to give away money unnecessarily to your suppliers. Instead, CIT puts you in control over how much you charge and how much you make. With that kind of control, the opportunity to grow your business is endless - will you take it?

I’d encourage you to read on and see how CIT makes it possible. I look forward to helping you make more money and grow your business!

Rob Kluba
Community Income Tax

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