Why choose us you ask?

CIT is the only choice for EROs who offer, or would like to offer, affordable bank products to increase profits and grow their business. We provide you with the ability to offer a free bank product on every federal and state return. You charge your clients a price that you think is fair while increasing your bottom line.

Stop letting your software company, service bureau or franchise dictate your pricing and profit. Stop them from using your practice to harvest fees from you and your clients. CIT puts the profit and the pricing power in your hands with free software, free bank products and free year-round support.

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As a CIT partner, you'll gain:


You have control over what you charge and how much you make per return.


No trickery here! And no junk fees, no hidden costs - just a single low fee. It's that simple.

Full Package

Professional software, free bank products & year-round support from one source.


The potential to earn thousands more through the power of CIT!

How we do it

We partner with industry leaders to bring together free professional tax software, free bank products and unlimited year-round support under one roof. Through these direct relationships, CIT eliminates unnecessary fees and lowers your costs so you can increase profits and grow your business.

Why we do it

The practice of imposing unnecessary fees has gone on too long with no benefit to anyone but the middlemen. You and your clients deserve better - to pay a fair price for a service, to know what you're paying for and to take home as much money as possible.

We also believe in the value of bank products. Every taxpayer should have the option to not pay upfront for their tax preparation without being penalized financially. Likewise, you should be able to offer this valuable, convenient service to your clients without feeling like it's a rip-off. With CIT's free bank products, everyone wins.

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