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gain so much more

A simpler way to buy tax products. The best way to maximize revenue.

CIT Program Benefits

The best products at the best price from a single partner. CIT brings together professional tax software, free bank products and year-round support for just $15 per transaction. As a 'one-stop shop', CIT eliminates the empty fees that many software companies, service bureaus, or franchises impose to give you control over how much you charge and how much you make on each return. This game-changing way to buy tax products gives you the products you need to stay competitive and meet client needs, while putting pricing power in your hands instead of your current suppliers.

The Low Down on Our Low Fee Structure

Tax industry pricing doesn't have to be as complicated as it is today and it's our goal to change that. You deserve to not give away money to vendors through junk fees and instead keep it for yourself or be able to lower your cost to clients so you can win more business. WIth CIT, you choose how much you make per return - just a low cost and great value.

CIT gives you control over how much you make per return with:

  • Tax software, bank products & support from one provider
  • One low fee - no hidden or junk fees
  • No upfront costs to try to cover later

CIT Fee Structure
Professional Tax Software Included
Unlimited Year-Round Support Included
Bank Products
Prepaid Card free
Direct Deposit free
Check free


Pro Tax Software

CIT offers you proven software at no upfront cost. Our single fee pricing includes the individual, business and state forms.

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CIT's professional tax software.

Free Bank Products

If you offer bank products, you can’t afford any other partner but CIT. You can offer a full set of refund bank products, including direct deposit and refund checks at no cost to you or your client.

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refund bank products.

Year-Round Support

Get free, year-round support for all your business needs, including software set up, training, and more. Stay up to date on the latest industry news and regulations with our regular newsletters. Plus, our friendly team will know you by name - not just by EFIN!

Call us at 904-900-3099 to speak with a CIT Advisor.