Frequently Asked Questions

How is CIT driving down costs?

CIT has eliminated the "junk" fees that have become industry norms - no transmission fees, no service bureau fees, no upfront costs for tax software and free bank products. If you offer bank products, CIT allows you to provide the same valuable options for your customers plus more control over your pricing and profits. Whether you choose to lower your costs to be more competitive or increase your profits without changing your price, CIT gives you the ability to grow your business, your way.

What are my real savings?

While you may not be paying a per transaction software fee currently, you're likely paying upfront for software and passing on multiple other fees to your tax client (transmission fees, service bureau fees, technology fees, etc.). Those fees add up fast, often $50-$100 per client, and you're forced to explain or sell away those fees which takes extra time and makes your pricing less competitive in the market.

More importantly, those junk fees are money that's being thrown away by you and your client! With our simple, one fee pricing, CIT makes it possible for you to regain control over your pricing and what your take-home is on each return - whether you choose to reduce your rates since you don't have to cover junk fees or keep them the same and increase your income opportunity.

What will it cost me?

We keep it simple. CIT tax professionals just pay a $15 fee per transaction. That's it. This pay-as-you-go charge covers the cost of your professional tax software usage, your ability to offer free bank products and our year-round support.

What bank products do you offer? How much do they cost?

CIT bank products include RTs (ERC/ERD) delivered via cash, direct deposit, prepaid cards, and refund check. Every e-file includes the option of a free bank product as part of the CIT program, however you can elect a straight e-file instead for the same $15 price. The benefit to choosing a bank product is that your customer does not have to pay upfront for your tax preparation. Your tax prep fees will be deducted from the client's refund when the IRS funds the taxpayer's return and directly deposited to your bank account on a daily basis, making it easy for you and your client.

What are your minimum requirements?

This program is designed for existing tax pros who file a minimum of 50 returns yearly. In order to participate in this program, we require that you file a minimum of 50 returns (efiles and/or Bank Products) and show proof if requested.

I've never done bank products before. Is that a problem?

Not at all. A partnership with CIT is the easiest way get started bringing the flexibility that bank products offer to your client base. You can begin offering bank products as soon as you enroll with CIT. We're happy to walk you through the benefits of bank products, how to talk about them and the easy process for handling a client's return with them.

How does CIT's program benefit high volume EROs?

Our program is specifically designed for EROs who use bank products. Since we don't charge for the tax software upfront and don't charge for bank products, EROs see success with CIT regardless of volume. Our ERO partners love the lower costs and the ability to control the amount of money they make on each return. For this reason, our program appeals to and attracts many high volume EROs, unlike typical pay per return programs. Other programs also charge upfront for tax software, which CIT does not.

How do I pay?

For tax clients who elect a bank product, CIT will automatically deduct the $15 fee from your tax preparation fees once the IRS funds the return.

For tax clients who elect an efile, with no bank product, you will provide a credit card and the $15 will be charged when the return is transmitted.

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