Free Bank Products

Make paying for tax preparation easier for your clients while making it easier for you to manage your tax business with our bank products. Unlike other providers, offering bank products through CIT is completely free - meaning you and your clients get all of the benefits with no costs to worry about.

What It Means For You

If you offer bank products, you can’t afford any other partner but CIT. You control the pricing power because you no longer give away bank product, transmission, technology, service bureau or franchise fees, you can increase your profit on every transaction.

If you don’t offer bank products now, or only offer them selectively because the cost has been too high for the value your clients receive, CIT is your answer. CIT is committed to responsible business practices and our free bank products now provide additional refund disbursement options for your clients without increased costs.

How Bank Products Work

Our tax time bank products allow your clients to not worry about paying out-of-pocket costs at the time of tax preparation and receive their Federal and State tax refund proceeds quickly and conveniently via a bank product option of direct deposit, check or prepaid card.

Once the taxpayer's refund comes back from the IRS, CIT will deduct your tax preparation and our fee from the refund proceeds, paying your net fees to you daily via direct deposit to your bank account. Then, your client’s money will be available immediately via their preferred disbursement method, making it an easy and free process for both you and your client.

Free Receivables Assistance Program

To help ease cash flow issues, CIT partners offer a way for eligible offices to receive an advance payment of 50% of your tax prep fees on all acknowledged returns with a Bank Product disbursement option at the beginning of tax season to help you ease cash flow issues until IRS funding begins. Once funding begins, we will withhold 50% of your regularly scheduled tax prep fee payment to pay back the balance. This service costs you and your customers absolutely nothing, but should provide your business help before regular weekly fundings kick in.

Taxpayer Text Updates

Notify your clients with a text message when their deposits have been made or when their check is ready for pick up. You can even set a delay on the texts going out depending on your process for printing and delivering checks.

Disbursement Options:

Prepaid Card

Eliminate potential check cashing issues and fees and issues for your clients by offering a safe, secure and convenient refund disbursement option that can be reloaded and used and a year-round banking solution. By issues the card at the time of tax preparation, it eliminates the need for clients to return to your office to pick up a check.


A traditional way to get refund disbursements, we help with nationwide, affordable options to help your clients cash their checks quickly and easily.

Direct Deposit

Customers with an existing deposit account have the option to use this convenient method of payment. This option is a great way to avoid check cashing fees or delays caused by a client’s bank putting an extended hold on a deposited check. With the recent IRS ruling that allows no more than three deposits to a single bank account, families who share accounts could choose to use a prepaid card or office printed check to receive refunds.

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